6 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack With Pressure Gauge

Short Description:

  Model No.   ST0602
  Capacity(ton)   6
  Minimum Height(mm)   197
  Lifting Height(mm)   125
  Adjust Height(mm)   60
  Max. Height(mm)   382
  N.W.(kg)   4.1

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Product Tag

Lifting tools for cars,6 Ton hydraulic bottle jack ,hydraulic floor jack car

Use: Car,Truck

Sea Port: Shanghai or Ningbo

Certificate: TUV GS/CE,BSCI,ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO45001

Lable: Costomized

Sample: Available

Material: Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel.

Color: Red,Blue,Yellow or customized color.

Packaging: custom boxes,according client's requirements.

Delivery: sea freight,air freight,express.

Tons: 2,3-4,5-6,8,10,12,15-16,20,25,30-32,50,100ton.

Essential Equipment To Safely Lift The Vehicles During Repair And Maintenance

Tempered and hardened serrated saddle ensures secure grip.Extension screw with safety stop provides added lifting height.Housing welding onto the base for increased strength and reduced chance of leakage.Heavy duty oversized cast iron bases for increased strength and durability.Overload safety valve prevents the damage to cylinder due to overstretch of the ram and overload.


When the vehicle is jacked up,do not open the engine,because the engine vibrates and the weels of cars turned easy to cause the jack slide down.
Before operating the jacks,find a fixed not fixed on bumper or girde,etc.Do not overload the jack beyond its rated load.

Operating Instruction

1.Before perating,estimate the weight of the load,Do not overload the jack beyond its rated load.

2.Select point of action according to the gravitational center place the jack on the hard ground if necessay,place a hard plank under the jack so as to avoid tottering or falling during operation.

3.Before operating the jacks,first,insert the notched end of the handle.into the release valve.Turn the operating handle clock wise until release value is closed.Do not over tighten the value.

4.Insert operating handle into the socket and the ram is steadily raised by the up and down movement of the handle and the load is raised.the ram will stope rising when the required height is reached.

5.Lower the ram by turning the release valve.Counterclockwise with the notched end slacken it slowly when a load is applied,or accidents can occur.

6.When more than one jack is used at the same time it is important to operate the different jacks at an equal speed with equal load.Otherwise,there is danger of falling the entire fixture.

7.At an ambienttemperatur from 27F to 113F use machine oil(GB443-84)N 15at an ambient temperature of from 4F to 27F use synthetic spindle oil(GB442-64).Sufficient filtered hydraulic oil should be maintained in the jacks,otherwise,the rated height cannot be reached.

8.Violent shocks must be avoided during the operation.

9.User must operate the jack correctly according to operating instruction:If the jacks has some quality problems,it can not be operated.

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