Advantages of our jack stand

     For many automotive repair and maintenance jobs, lifting the vehicle off the ground will provide much-needed underbody components. A simple grounding jack is the most economical way to raise your vehicle, but it should also be paired with a similarly weighted jack mounting kit to ensure the safety of everyone near the vehicle.

      The most important factor in any jack stand is its rated load capacity, which the user must not exceed. Stands are usually priced in tons. For example, a pair of jacks might be labeled with a capacity of 3 tons or 6,000 pounds. Each of these brackets will be individually rated to withstand 3,000 pounds per corner, which is more than enough for most small to medium sized vehicles. When using a jack, the load capacity is greater than average. As a general rule, each bracket must support about 75% of the vehicle’s total weight for safety purposes.

       Most stands are also height adjustable with a locking mechanism to keep your desired setting in place. When lifting taller trucks or SUVs, higher maximum settings may be required.Always mount the jack below the manufacturer’s specified jacking points, which are usually marked on the underside of the vehicle. The user manual can also help you find them. With the vehicle on a level surface, jack each corner to the correct height, then carefully lower them onto the stand.Jacks are available with a lifting capacity of 2, 3, 6 and 12 tons. Here we will focus on the  2 and 6-ton version, which is great for lifting large trucks and SUVs.
       If you have a small car, ATV, or motorcycle, choose the 2-ton package. The designs are the same, but their height varies from 10.7 inches to 16.55 inches, making them ideal for driving under sports cars and compact cars with relatively low ground clearance.The ratchet lock allows the head to move freely up but not down until the lever is released. Additional metal pins further prevent the stand from slipping.Height ranges from 11.3 to 16.75 inches and will fit most vehicles but may not fit low profile cars or tall trucks.
     The jack stand has different height settings and a base width of 12 inches for added stability when holding the vehicle. It locks in place with thick metal pins and measures between 13.2 and 21.5 inches in height.The body is treated with a silver powder coating to resist rust, and the top of the stand has thick rubber pads that protect the underside of the car from possible dents and scratches.


Post time: Sep-08-2022