0.5T Hydraulic Transmission High Jack for car repair use

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ST0.5A  with a minimum height of 770 mm and a maximum height of 1840 mm(Lifting range from 30.3″ to 72.4″). ST0.5A high transmission jack  can support the weight of 500kg. You can adjust the height of the transmission jack that you want.The net weight of the transmission jack is 24 kg, which is very convenient for daily  using.The high transmission jack  is used for removing, installing and transporting the auto parts. The correct use of the transmission jack stand can make the lifting of heavy objects more safe and convenient.

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Transmission Jack, High Transmission Jack, 0.5T Transmission Jack

Model No. ST0.5A
Capacity(Ton) 0.5
Minimum Height(mm) 770
Lifting Height(mm) 1070
Adjust Height(mm) /
Maximal Height(mm) 1840
N.W.(kg) 24

Sea Port:Shanghai or Ningbo
Material: Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel
Color:Red,Blue,Yellow or customized color.
Brands:Neutral packing or branded packing.
Delivery time: About 45--50 day.
Service: Continuous and efficient after-sales service to support customers.
Quality: Due to the high-requirement industry standards for industrial control such as mechanical quality, raw material selection, processing, assembly, etc., we adopt a brand-new design and quality management system, fully track every detail, and deliver high-quality products to customers.


Model Capacity(ton) Mi.H Lifting Range Max.H N.W. G.W.(kg) Package Package Size(cm)
0205G ST0.5A 0.5 770 1070 1840 24 27 PLYWOOD 110x25x25
0205H ST0.5B 0.5 770 1230 2000 43 47 PLYWOOD 110x25x25
0205A ST0.5C 0.5 850 930 1780 50 56 PLYWOOD 49x27x74
0205C ST0.5D 0.5 875 985 1860 72.5 82.5 PLYWOOD 56x37x87
0205F ST0.5E 0.5 930 1275 2205 31 34 PLYWOOD 64x40x19
0206A ST0.6A 0.6 850 930 1780 55 60 PLYWOOD 49x27x74
0206B ST0.6B 0.6 850 930 1780 53 60 PLYWOOD 49x27x74
0210A ST1A 1 875 1035 1910 90 79.5 PLYWOOD 56x37x87

Passed IS09001:2000 quality management system certification
Passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification


1. Do not overload 2. Please use the transmission jack on a flat road.

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