Hydraulic jack common troubleshooting

1. When the heavy-duty jack fails to rise When the jack fails to rise to a certain height, it indicates that the jack is likely to be lacking in working oil, which should be topped up immediately to ensure proper functioning. If the jack still does not rise after topping up the oil, the issue could be due to a malfunctioning oil return valve, which may not be closing properly. In such cases, the valve needle can be tightened further to ensure a snug fit. Assuming there is no oil leakage around the pressure rod and the jack is still unable to rise, it might be necessary to replace the sealing ring of the jack.


2. Jack jittering If the jack experiences jittering or shaking, it could be due to a loose oil return valve needle, causing the oil to flow back into the jack instead of being retained in the system. In this case, the valve needle should be tightened more inwardly to create a better seal. If the jack still jitters after this, and there is no oil leakage around the pressure rod, it might be time to replace the sealing ring of the jack.


3. when no load, the jack can not rise.First check the oil quantity of the jack, and add it when it is short.Assuming that the jack does not lack oil, the oil return valve needle can be loosened, the oil plug of the refueling hole is removed, and then the jack base is stepped on by the foot, the jack is pulled up and then pressed down, so that the jack is pulled up and pressed down several times to exclude air.Assuming that after the above inspection, the oil plug of the refueling hole and the oil return valve are tightened, and then the empty top is tested.Assuming that the jack can not rise at this time, the jack should be flattened, the oil return valve should be removed, and the contact between the valve and the seat is good. Assuming that there are dirt, it should be removed.Assuming that there are pits, grooves and unevenness, it should be replaced. Finally, check whether the oil inlet valve is well sealed, and whether the top rod seal is damaged or falling off. Assuming that there is a timely replacement.

4. oil leakage.The oil leakage part of the jack is mostly at the junction of the seat and the cylinder, around the top rod, the locking thread of the oil return valve, the fixed oil plug of the refueling hole, and around the pressure rod. The reason for oil leakage is mostly that the sealing gasket is damaged and must be replaced in time.



Post time: Jan-18-2024