How To Use A Bottle Jack

Bottle jacks are useful tools to quickly raise your vehicle. However, because of their narrow design, this type of jack tends to be less stable than floor jacks. While every bottle jack is different, most brands typically work the same way.

1. Add Support

No matter what type of jack you are using, you should never rely on the jack to support the entire weight of your vehicle. If you are planning to go underneath your car, you will need jack stands and wheel chocks in addition to the jack itself.

Jack stands add more stable support to your vehicle after it’s been lifted. Wheel chocks prevent your car from moving once parked, adding further stability.

2. Park In The Right Spot

Before elevating your vehicle, park on a level surface. Turn off the engine and engage the parking brake before using a bottle jack. If you have wheel chocks, place them behind your car’s wheels.

3. Find The Jack Point

Placing a jack in the wrong spot can damage your car’s trim or undercarriage. Some owners manuals will tell you where the jack points are located. These points are usually found behind each front wheel and just in front of each back wheel.

4. Elevate

Slide the car jack under your vehicle and start lifting. If you’re using jack stands, set those up once your car has been raised and before you get to work. A bottle jack will typically include a handle that fits into a slot on the side of your jack. Pumping the handle up and down causes the bottle jack to raise.

5. Lower

Consult your owner’s manual for details on your specific jack. Most bottle jacks have a valve that is turned to release pressure and lower the jack. This valve is usually turned by using the end of the handle included with the jack.

Post time: Sep-02-2022